How To Write A Classic - Writing Course

How To Write A Classic - Writing Course

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Learn the essentials to writing a Classic.

An adventure into your imagination and beyond to prepare you to write your classic. Consider this a novel planning bootcamp for whatever genre you're writing - whether for adults, young adults or children. It's especially suited to the 'world-building' needed for the big classics of fantasy, YA, Sci-Fi, historical fiction, genres.  

Drawing upon the great works of JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, JM Barrie, JK Rowling, E. Nesbit and many more, Louise Dean will show you why the creation of a work of wonder, 'the classic', is far more important more than a matter of life and death and how to create yours in 45 easy steps.

Find out more about the bestselling classics of all time here.

At the end of the course, your idea will be signed off by your coach, and you'll be approved for take-off to write with confidence.

The Classic course with 45 lessons available immediately in entirety.

Sign up and get that big novel planned to perfection.