Write Every Day

More haste, less speed said my grandmother. She only ever applied this rule when a man in uniform was about - like the postman - then she hot-footed it up the path in a trot of eager compliance.

Me, I'm contrary. I am very fast, impulsive, reckless on a good day and slow to see my own failings. I go fast to come up slow. I spill a lot of unnecessary words like a slapdash would be painter with rich parents on a gap year in Paris. Gouache a go go.

I am writing a novel in 90 days on the Kritikme course I'm teaching. So I'm not only writing what I hope will be a published novel, I am devising what I hope will be the best creative writing course online and a novel writing course that works - ie delivers.

I have said to my writers - no one gets left behind - I want you all to have a draft manuscript in these 90 days and I don't see why a day job is an obstacle. If I count mine I have at least two. Then the teaching, and the writing. Not to mention my lovely children who will be late to school because I'm writing this.

Patience everybody. We are one month into this course some of us and there's still plenty of time to get a novel onto paper. But sorting out which brush and which colour and who you're going to paint and why you want to paint at all have been really vital things to work out and I never did that kind of groundwork before. I just went where my mood took me. But my moods varied and sometimes took me towards the bottle of wine.

This time no wine, and routine and patience. This morning I wrote the turning point of my novel. I wrote just under 1000 words between 6.15 and 6.50am. Last night I didn't know I would do that and I was a bit jacked off with Kerouac when I went to sleep or at least I had mixed feelings about him. I woke and thought 'patience' and I saw today's vision - which was rubbish strewn all over a road. These visions are useless to me in general and I wake with them every day and never seems to find much use for them. The word was good though. I just sat down and was patient and told the reader what happened last night (in my main player's world not mine.) I just told it straight and I hope it's ok.

I think it is and that's enough for the day now.

So 30 minutes was all for today - usually it's an hour but I treated myself to a lie in - and I needed to keep it that short so the kids don't miss school and I had time too to tell you how to do it can happen fast and slow and if you keep to the granola routine and give the big night time pint glasses of pinot a miss, you can write a book in 90 days.

How to write a novel? Go fast, go slow, but everyday - go.