School for Nobodies

School for Nobodies

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Author: Susie Bower

Publisher: Pushkin Children's Books

Claudia doesn’t know where she comes from. Sonia and Claude, her adoptive parents, don’t want her knowing anything about her past – they won’t even tell her how she got the burn that covers most of her face. But when she receives a mysterious message on her 10th birthday, everything starts to change…

Soon Claudia is sent to The Cruet Establishment for Lost and Wayward Children, a boarding school for those who don’t fit in. At first, she finds a world of intimidating teachers, unfair rules and truly disgusting soup, but before long Claudia begins to befriend her unusual peers, including a feral boy who was raised by a lion. All the while, she receives more cryptic messages that seem to bring her closer to discovering her true identity.

Full of magic, mystery and humour, School for Nobodies is a delightful debut of friendship, self-discovery and the importance of family – those we are born into and those we make.